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Generally, have follows the PRONOUNS I, You, We, Ye, They and PLURAL NOUNS. TEST: Write has or have Return to English Room Return to Grammar Tests. What does she have? (Do/Does + Have/Has) Choose the best answer.

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E.g., I have a cold. Continue reading for a more in-depth discussion of these two conjugations. She has a pencil She doesn't have a pencil She hasn't a pencil Not strictly wrong, but very archaic, and unlikely to be seen or used. She does have a pencil This is correct, but only used for emphasis. (Applicants = subject; have = transitive verb; requirements = direct object) HAS is used for the singular third-person point-of-view.

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We use 'has' with a third person, i.e. He, She, It, etc. whereas we mainly use have with a first and second person, i.e.

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Como vimos anteriormente, usar has ou have vai depender do pronome ao qual o verbo está relacionado. Enquanto usamos “has”, para He, She e It, o “have” é usado com todas as outras pessoas, como I / YOU / WE / THEY. Veja os exemplos a seguir: I have enough books to read. She does not have a dog. She has not got a dog.

The first person singular pronoun ‘I’ also take have. Complete the following sentences using has or have.
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The first person singular pronoun ‘I’ also take have. Complete the following sentences using has or have. 1. My parents ……………….. got an old Rolls Royce.

The main verb ‘to have’ is conjugated in the singular as (I) have, (you) have, (he/she/it) has. However, when you add the auxiliary verb ‘do’ to make a question, ‘has’ becomes ‘have’ in the 3rd person.
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She does have or has silverback gorilla size
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4. Mr Travis hasn't come to work yet. He has never been late for work.

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It is ungrammatical to use 'has' in questions that begin with 'Do' or 'Does'. In these types of questions the verb 'do' is conjugated based on whether the noun is first, second or third person (eg Do I, Do you or , Does he). (It has) She’s seen that movie before. (She has) Has works in present perfect tense as well as have. However, when combined with modal verbs, even third-person nouns and pronouns shift to forms of have. Examples include: Harriet would’ve set the table (Harriet would have set) My dad should’ve bought a new car. (My dad should have bought) 2008-08-11 · Normally, "she" agrees with "has".